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Cron utils for parsing, validations and human readable descriptions.

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A Java library to parse, validate, migrate crons as well as get human readable descriptions for them. The project follows the Semantic Versioning Convention and uses Apache 2.0 license

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cron-utils is available on Maven central repository.



Quick example

//get a predefined instance
CronDefinition cronDefinition =

//create a parser based on provided definition
CronParser parser = new CronParser(cronDefinition);
Cron quartzCron = parser.parse("0 * * 1-3 * ? *");

//create a descriptor for a specific Locale
CronDescriptor descriptor = CronDescriptor.instance(Locale.UK);

//parse some expression and ask descriptor for description
String description = descriptor.describe(parser.parse("*/45 * * * * ?"));
//description will be: "every 45 seconds"

//validate expression

For more examples, check our README and our examples repo

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